# Map control components

# AttributionControl

An AttributionControl control presents the map's attribution information.

# Props

# compact

# customAttribution

  • Type: string, Array<string>?
  • Default: true
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: String or strings to show in addition to any other attributions.
  • See: options.customAttribution in AttributionControl (opens new window)

# FullscreenControl

Creates a button on the map to toggle fulscreen mode.

# Props

# container

  • Type: HTMLElement
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: DOM element which should be made full screen. By default, the map container element will be made full screen.
  • See: options.container in FullscreenControl (opens new window)

# GeolocateControl

Provides a button that uses the browser's geolocation API to locate the user on the map.

# Props

# positionOptions

  • Type: Object
  • Default: { enableHighAccuracy: false, timeout: 6000}
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: A Geolocation API PositionOptions object.
  • See: options.positionOptions in GeolocateControl (opens new window)

# fitBoundsOptions

  • Type: Object
  • Default: { maxZoom:15 }
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: A fitBounds options object to use when the map is panned and zoomed to the user's location.
  • See: options.fitBoundsOptions in GeolocateControl (opens new window)

# trackUserLocation

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: If true the Geolocate Control becomes a toggle button and when active the map will receive updates to the user's location as it changes.to the user's location.
  • See: options.trackUserLocation in GeolocateControl (opens new window)

# showUserLocation

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: By default a dot will be shown on the map at the user's location. Set to false to disable.
  • See: options.showUserLocation in GeolocateControl (opens new window)

# Methods

# .trigger()

# Props

# showCompass

# showZoom

# ScaleControl

# Props

# maxWidth

  • Type: Number
  • Default: 100
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: The maximum length of the scale control in pixels.
  • See: options.maxWidth in ScaleControl (opens new window)

# unit

  • Type: String, "imperial" | "metric" | "nautical"
  • Default: metric
  • Non-Synced
  • Description: Unit of the distance
  • See: options.unit in ScaleControl (opens new window)